Counselling Xtra is an accessible, affordable counselling service for individuals, couples, family groups and young people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

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Our Approach

Here is how it works…

We offer face-to-face personal and couples counselling services for clients who want to find healthy life balance, gain confidence, and develop insight. In our conversations with you we will:

Build a relationship in which you will feel safe and respected.

Discuss, explore and unpack your concerns at your own pace.

Acknowledge the underlying patterns and meanings of your concerns.

Build on your own strengths to develop ways of coping with difficult life choices.

Being Empowered

It’s about your decisions

Life is constantly changing and we sometimes find it very difficult to cope. Person-centred counselling builds on your unique power of making decisions that may lead to positive change in times of distress.

Counselling Prices

Initial Assessment: Free

50 minute face-to-face sessions are available.

In the initial assessment session there will be a 50 minute one-to-one meeting with a senior clinical coordinator where you both can sit together and identify your own needs and your expectations of this service and you can decide whether this provision is approriate for you.

Counselling Session: £15.00 – £40.00

50 minute face-to-face sessions are available.


The remaining sessions will be focused on what you need to move forward, towards a better understanding of what is going on for you. The counselling relationship is different to that of which you have with friends, family or other professionals. It’s a time and space just for you to focus on what you need in a confidential and supportive place.

Couple Counselling Session: price available on request

As a couple you will both get equal time, attention and understanding to explore your own world view. As a results of this cooperative relationship you may begin to support each other through the necessary changes to your relationship.

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